Anand Vidyalaya Kirti Nagar

I came under the guidance of Yogi Ashwini ji 6 years ago and since then I have experienced pleasant changes in my life. Charity and service is an integral part of our life, and under Yogi Ji’s guidance, Anand Vidyalaya began with its journey in Kirti Nagar in February 2011.

When the school was still at its nascent stage there were just about 5- 6 children who came to the school. Being a child of a labourer, they hardly had any value, discipline or hygiene. After months of effort not only did the school grow and came to a count of 30 students but now the children are disciplined and hygienic.

The school takes deep interest in the holistic development of a child and besides academics, it offers to its student’s activities like that of craft, painting and sports. All the festivals are celebrated and the significance is being told. I have found that after telling the importance of each festival the children go on to celebrate it with interest and enthusiasm.

After establishing a basis for the children, certain children were able to take on admission in government schools. Not only are the children amazed at its growth when it looks back but the parents are thankful to the school for giving their child a better future.