Anand Vidyalaya

Ever since I was a child, I had this strong desire to do something for the betterment of our society but could never figure out what, how and whereabouts of that ‘something’. Then visiting Dhyan Foundation and meeting Yogi ji happened to me. My spiritual journey took off from that very moment and needless to say, all my questions were answered gradually.

Sir always emphasizes on the utmost importance of ‘service and charity’ to evolve on path of Yoga, and so I started teaching the Kriya at Shiv Mandir near my house. There was a school under construction nearby, and many construction workers were living near that temple. Daughter of one such worker, Malti, used to sneak peak during Kriya sessions and ran away as soon as it got over. One fine day, after the session, she finally asked me herself, if I would be interested in teaching her; I smiled and readily said yes.  It all happened by itself through my guru’s grace. Later many such kids joined in but only to leave after a year as the construction was finished. That surely was not the end; it was rather just the beginning. Regular Tuesday langars that happen at the same shiv mandir attracted many kids. One day, I asked these kids if they would be interested in studying.  Out of those, 5 kids immediately agreed and started coming for regular teaching sessions. The number has constantly been increasing since then.

Everything at every step just kept moving smoothly and merrily. I, all throughout had, in fact still have, people coming up to me by themselves and offering any kind of help I might require.  In fact, I always have enough of donated things like books, stationery and food to have a uniform and effortless running of the school. This was not the first time that someone has taken the initiative to start teaching in that area but in spite of appointing proper teachers, they failed to attract and more importantly retain the children’s interest.

They did this time, when I decided to teach them myself. Through my guru’s blessings, any problem that may have irrupted just simply vanished with a blink of an eye.  One such incident happened when police came in, to inquire at the school about it, as someone complained of it being illegal. The RWA president of SDA looked into the matter personally and informed them that she is very well aware of the school and all the activities associated with it.

This is how divine helps the one who is on the right path.  With ‘ek tatva nirantar abhyas’ and ‘sahi bhav’, under the Guru’s sanidhya.