Anand Vidyalaya Ludhiana

It was my long cherished desire to render my services to underprivileged children but always had a feeling that I am busy (without work). This was before I joined Dhyan Foundation. In April, 2010 I started attending Sanatan Kriya weekly classes and became a regular practioner only after meeting Yogi Ashwini Ji on Guru Purnima in July, 2010. Thereafter, things started falling in place, thoughts manifested and in one of the TIW’s I read how Anand Vidyalaya came into existence and the desire to associate with children resurfaced with greater intensity. In April, 2011 Yogiji visited Ludhiana and in May 2011, Anand Vidyalaya Ludhiana chapter was initiated.  

The carefree atmosphere, respect, eagerness and never say die attitude of the children stuck a cord in my heart. Initially, we had challenges in managing the rowdy, unkempt, untidy group of seemingly uncivilized children. To add to all this was the open place by roadside where the volunteers started the classes --- passersby stopped, naughty children disturbed the teachings. But where there is Guru’s Grace, problems come and vanish. Soon we were offered the safe campus of a nearby Government school and children became regular, courteous and maintained hygiene. The genuine smile and the keen eyes of the beautiful children sent a ripple in my heart. My soul has been awakened to the boundless love of this creation by my GURU – Yogi Ashwini ji. For the first time I have started feeling that, I am linked with his beautiful creation.