Our modest but proud moments
In the last six years, we have grown exponentially as an organisation and as individuals. Though statistics are mere numbers, they do, to some extent, reflect the tireless efforts of the volunteers of Dhyan Yog Society.

Some Interesting Facts
Student retention is a key indicator of the efficacy of the system

Most of the students who came to us were initially not encouraged even by their parents as that meant losing a hand to work and even run errands like filling water, taking care of the younger siblings etc. But, when the children saw that that they could get their younger ones along and also themselves started enjoying the learning experience, they not only came back after each session but also got their friends along.

Our Student Retention Rate is 80% vis a vis 65.11% in Government schools.

Creating interest is a better substitute to forced teaching
Anything forcibly shoved is likely to be instantly rejected. Learning is no different.Our teachers work tirelessly to infuse creativity into teaching to propel the desire in the child to learn.The interest thence created has a multiplier effect with the students getting other kids on their own accord.

Ensuring a secure future
DYS' role does not end with merely providing primary education.We not only continually mentor each child after they pass out from AV but also facilitate admissions to Secondary Schools and take the responsibility of the entire expenditure thereof.

60 students of Anand Vidyalaya regularly attend CBSE affiliated RK Public School and Little Flower School in Gurgaon.

Child Labour - Laws v/s Reality
Child labour laws may be in place but implementation is far from being effective. Though our endeavour is to discourage children from seeking employment, more often than not, the pressure from their families due to poverty overpowers everything else. Through education and vocational training, we hope to conquer these evils to some extent. It is still work in progress.

Opening doors of creativity
Every child is a storehouse of talent, awaiting the right impetus and direction. At Anand Vidyalaya, we encourage children to take up various forms of arts.

Our students have not only exhibited their paintings at several places including the Delhi Press Club but have also won medals at many events.

It is in sharing that we receive
Anand Vidyalaya promotes student exchange programs with various public schools in a bid to aid learning through sharing.

Though the road to total literacy is a long one, we hope to have made a difference somewhere and touched some lives.