Yoga is the proud heritage of Bharatvarsha. Its power to tune mind, body and soul is accepted across the world.

Yoga says, there is more to life than meets the eye - there are layers to our body which we cannot perceive, there are centres of brain which remain dormant for most people, human beings are endowed with 16 senses - a majority utilise only five of these senses.

Modern science accepts that an average human being uses only 7-8% of the brain. The rest 92% remains unutilised. Now, modern science also accepts that there are more than three dimensions.
The aim of this course is to awaken and develop higher unused centres of the brain through tried and tested techniques from Ashtang Yoga and Sanatan Kriya to make the child realise the phenomenal potential hidden inside him/her.

The course follows a five-pronged approach for holistic growth and development of a child through interactive lectures, specific practices, group activities and outings.

  1. Strength Building - through asanas and pranayams for cleansing and strengthening various parts of the body. Vedic martial arts for self-defence.
  2. Mental Development and Raising the level of Consciousness - through specialised yogic kriyas and meditation to activate higher centres of brain, effects of which are accepted by leading doctors of the country.
  3. Character Building and Personality Development - by observing the principles of truthfulness, non-collection, non-stealing, non-violence, contentment, personal hygiene and hard-work. This is achieved through group activities like narration of stories from the Puranas and the Upanishads to build up a good value system among children, discussions on current issues and organising community service exercises.
  4. Awareness Building - through practical experiments and experiential programs to heighten awareness of self, immediate surroundings as well as sensitivity towards people, animals, birds and nature.
  5. Sanskrit Education - Globally, Sanskrit is accepted as the most scientific of all languages known to man, often called the mother of all languages. Schools all over Europe have started including Sanskrit in their curriculum given its role in cognitive development and also, with the view that knowing this language is key to accessing the treasure trove of knowledge in all fields - mathematics, science, astronomy, geography, architecture, geometry as documented in ancient Indian scriptures.

Some of the by-products of the course include

  • Improved memory
  • Enhanced problem solving skills
  • Scientific reasoning and Creative thinking
  • Increased focus and concentration power
  • Enhanced performance in academics and extra-curricular activities
  • Self confidence
  • Positive attitude, pleasant disposition
  • High energy levels, increased productivity
  • Healthy, glowing and attractive body
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Heightened sensitivity
  • Strength of character

We have over ten years of experience in teaching kids of different age-groups and have conducted countless workshops and classes in leading schools of the country. We run free schools for street children in many parts of India. Some of the institutions where we have introduced the Vedic Education module include Sanskriti, Chanakyapuri; DPS, Noida; DPS, Rohini; Apeejay, Sheikh Sarai; K R Mangalam; IIM Bangalore; IIM Lucknow; IIT Delhi; Amity, Noida among others. The feedback of teachers in these schools has been inspiring, most reporting improved performance of students, change in behaviour of errant kids, increased stability and constructive thinking among children. The principal of DPS, Noida, Mrs. Kamini Bhasin says:
"My teachers reported that even naughty students after the practice of Sanatan Kriya became calmer and better at studies. I, personally felt a lot of positivity from all the students who were taught the kriya."

What sets us apart is the strict adherence to ancient Guru-Shishya Parampara, where no fee is charged for any of our courses held worldwide.