Pratham Books

Known for its wide range of stories for children, Pratham Books has been associated with the Anand Vidyalayas of Delhi and Bangalore for over a year now. Their volunteers come and narrate stories from a wide range of books with fun illustrations, spreading cheer and excitement amongst the kids, not to mention gifts and toys, and loads of fun. Kids now eagerly await 'Story Time'. Thank you Pratham Books.

All Saints High School, Hyderabad

AnandVidyalaya, Hyderabad, an initiative of DhyanYog Society now supports 51 students that study under All Saints High School. We provide them with free food every day to help enhance their abilities and provide them with nutritious food to gain body strength to help them be capable enough to achieving their dreams in their respective sports fields. This is besides providing for free food to around 100 students of this very prestigious school. These are the under privileged kids who are the most deserving and are been given great education by the school with a very nominal fees. Now DhyanYog Society takes the initiative of giving them free food everyday and providing them with all the stationary each month.

GD Goenka School, New Delhi

The association with GD Goenka School in Dwarka, is an old one, that began with a school run for the underprivileged children that the class came to visit. But that visit soon turned into a long-standing relationship, as the students of GD Goenka offered to help students at Anand Vidyalaya with academics, cultural activities as well as art & craft sessions. The bonding developed so well that the students today, share lunch once a week & GD Goenka students now prefer to come twice a week. A positively-enriching experience for both groups of students.

Kinder Plume School
Kinder Plume Pre School’s endeavour is to touch the lives of children irrespective of backgrounds and instilling the values of caring and sharing in children. Kinder Plume encourages parents of Plumerians to celebrate their child’s birthday by sharing new toys/books/stationary or anything else which can be used in the schools. As a note of Appreciation they mention it on their Facebook page and thank the child who has shared.

Kinder Plume branches also carry beautiful works of art of the children at AnandVidyalaya on their walls to make people aware of the school.

Kinder Plume remains associated with DhyanYog Society and support all the noble causes it undertakes. This initiative helps parents become aware of DhyanYog Society and kids be sensitised about the plight of the lesser fortunate.

MNJ Cancer Hospital, Hyderabad
In an endeavour to bring back smiles on the faces of young children undergoing treatment for cancer at the MNJ Cancer Hospital, Anand Vidyalaya has undertaken teaching and spending quality time with these kids. The children are taught all course subjects like English, Hindi, Maths, Science apart from participating in activities such as art &craft, drawing, story telling etc. They are also taught dhyan which they practice everyday, thereby aiding them in their holistic development. The immense courage and positive attitude shown by these kids as they struggle with death everyday, has taught our volunteers the valuable lessons of life.

Victoria Primary School, Kolkata
25 kids at the Victoria Primary School are provided with mid-day meals by volunteers of Dhyan Yog Society. These are kids who live on pavements and are denied basic nutrition. Through this initiative the kids are also motivated to come to school and get an education, which eventually will help them get off the streets and to a constructive life ahead. On special occasions volunteers also surprise the kids with toys, stationery and clothes depending on their prevalent needs. No matter how small an effort we make, it has the potential to spring up to something big. This is one such endeavor from our volunteers.