To provide a platform for the underprivileged sections of the society to bring them at par with others by providing them with equal opportunities for growth.

The objective is to:

  • Develop Anand Vidyalaya into a full-fledged school at various locations, providing free quality education, a healthy environment and thus an opportunity for children to complete their education at Anand Vidyalaya.

  • To be able to provide the children with free education, without any fund constraints.

  • Focusing on the education of the girl child and self reliance for women by providing free education and other skills that will help them generate employment and earn for their and their families living.

  • Making women self reliant so they understand the importance of education and its benefits thereof, and stand a better chance to educate their kids. We hope this vicious circle will work to their benefit.

  • Dhyan Yog Society is contributing in creating a ‘progressive village’ model by adopting villages and providing them with basic necessities, for their self reliant existence. This includes providing adult literacy, primary education, sanitation, healthcare, skill development and a clean environment.

  • Dhyan Yog Society is striving to expand its horizon and reach out to a maximum number of underprivileged people who have a spark to carve a niche for themselves but no opportunities to portray their talent. We intend to provide a platform for all sections of society irrespective of their caste, age, or gender.

  • This platform is a mingling point not only for those in need but also for those who are in a capacity to help them. We hope to be a medium for the more privileged beings to come forth to extend a helping hand to the needy.

  • Dhyan Yog Society seeks collaboration with the Government, NGOs, Foundations, Trusts and other organizations to be a part of our initiatives under their CSR activities to reach to a maximum number of people and assist them to blend in the mainstream world thus, strengthening the community and in turn the entire nation.