Anand Vidyalaya
Anand Vidyalaya, Kirti Nagar
Another feather in the cap of Anand Vidyalaya was added on 10th January 2011 when its third branch opened in Kirti Nagar. One of the volunteers offered her parking area and with the blessings of Guru, our volunteers started teaching some kids of the construction workers from the nearby area. It is run on the week days from 11am – 12.30pm with the efforts of volunteers from the foundation who have offered their time, money, guidance & expertise generously. The number of children coming up is increasing gradually and they are all very keen to study and of course look forward to the sumptuous meal provided to them at the end of the class. They are taught the very basic etiquettes, hygiene habits, manners etc along with counting and alphabets.

Regular extracurricular activities like physical exercises, art & craft, music is a part of their weekly schedule. We maintain proper hygiene at our school to be a model of what their homes should be like, too.  We have provided school uniforms for all our regular students.  We have also taught these children some basic health techniques like UJJAI breathing, which is an effective way of breathing as per the Patanjali Yog Sutras.

In future, we hope the school would definitely expand its horizons and extend its contribution in spreading awareness among the ignorant & downtrodden about the significance of Education in one’s life.  

The school also encourages various interactions with other children. Keeping this in mind, we invite children from various private schools to come to Anand Vidyalaya for various outreach programs like art and craft. In summer holidays, the school invites Government school children to join for studies and get more knowledge along with our regular students.